Hybrid vs Native: Old Battle — New Approach

Although, this is an old and dusted topic the points I intend to discuss here are based on my 7 years of experience with mobile app development.

Hybrid vs Native Battle

Yes, no doubt that Native app can apparently give a better user experience. And no doubt that if you have budget constraints going native is a challenge. But there are a few points that we need to consider before making the decision. Especially, when there are so many beautiful hybrid app development platforms now.

  1. What is the purpose of the app? If the app is a utility and adds to the existing business you are doing, it is worthy to consider a hybrid app. If the app itself is the main business, think if you really need a native app? I suggest native only if you have to use a lot of native features like GPS, user experience needs to be kickass, and if you have the money. Most of the banking apps have gone for hybrid, to give you an example.
  2. **Cost of ownership. **There is no doubt that the cost of development for native is almost double considering multiple platforms. But think about the total lifecycle cost. Each update to the OS, especially with iOS, needs reworking your code. There might be deprecations, etc. that you will have to fix even if there are no functionality changes. Overall, the cost of maintenance is high.
  3. **Time to Market. **Hybrid or Mobile app solution is a great way to reach your audience quicker. It's not really a bad idea to provide MVP with this approach and go native if you see traction. Plus you reach all and not just android or iOS users.
  4. **Enterprise Apps. **If you are a company and want to promote BYOD, Native approach can get expensive if you try making it work for all brands, versions, and different kinds of mobiles unless you force your employees to use one kind of Phone. ;)

There are various great Hybrid app development platforms now. Here are a few which are trending:

a. Ionic

b. Titanium

c. Sencha Touch

d. PhoneGap

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