By Kiran HS

One of the challenges we face while automating UI test cases is downloading the web driver’s dependencies (browser drivers). What if I told you there was an easier way to get rid of these drivers and let the automation script do it for you! Confused?!

By Ashwin Anupam Dalela

Blockchain is one of the latest & most exciting technologies in today’s digital era and is very likely to revolutionize today’s business world. People have realized that this technology has vast applications in various sectors. It is somewhat hard to believe that blockchain as technology came…

by Ashwin Anupam Dalela

Phishing is the activity of a site appearing as another, and trying to deceive the user of the site into mistaking the attacker’s site as the one the user wants to use. This has caused an infinite number of fraudulent transactions and other criminal activities.


We all choose one or the other database to easily store, query and fetch the data. The point is, what type of database would best support the project at hand. The question goes deeper than “SQL vs. NoSQL” . …


New features are making programming easier compared to how it was a few years back. Some tools required deep knowledge about the new features, one of them is PowerMock. PowerMock is a great tool, like a magic tool.

What is PowerMock?

“PowerMock is a framework that extends other mock libraries such as…


When was the last time you heard someone using Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, or Neural Network buzzwords? Definitely, Not so long.

The mathematical aspects behind neural networks are quite challenging but the training process is analogous. Since neural networks follow an automated process of learning the feature representation from…

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